Winter Facial Serum Day Recipe

We are constantly exposed to the pressure to use cosmetics to obtain a certain image, look and smell right, and the never-ending process of defying the natural process of ageing. 

But are these products more harmful than beneficial for our own health and how does it affect the environment?

Did you know a study found that the average British woman hosts 515 chemicals on her body every single day? 

Read more about a natural skincare regime here. 

Making your own products are much easier than you think and you might have most of the ingredients already. I have partnered up with Naissance and Soil Association, and have come up with 3 amazing recipes to add glow and hydration to your winter skin. Starting with this one, which is perfect for day time. Apply in the morning after rinsing your face and patt it dry. The oil absorb deeper on moist skin.

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25 ml Organic Rosehip oil
20 ml Raspberry seed oil
5 ml Vitamin E
4 drops Organic Geranium Rose
4 drops Organic Rose Absolute
50 ml glass amber bottle with pipette



Add the rosehip, raspberry seed and vitamin E to a jug and stir to mix well, then carefully pour into a 50ml glass amber bottle with pipette. Next add the Essential oils (no more than 8 drops in total) Geranium Rose and Rose Absolute.

How to use 

After your morning bath/shower or facial cleanse, pat your face dry with a towel and add 3-4 drops serum onto your hand and rub between palms. Apply to your face and neck avoiding your eyes.


 This is a perfect blend for everyday use during cold winter days, its hydrating, revitalising and high in anti-oxidants, while uplifting your mind and body on stressful days or when you are feeling tense or sluggish.