My simple steps to a more sustainable lifestyle

I'm aiming to bring more awareness towards a more organic and sustainable lifestyle. We do live in a world that support exposure of a non-sustainable and unhealthy lifestyle, we are being exposed to a lot of chemicals, pesticides and other toxins that is harmful for both the environment and ourselves - without being aware of the consequences this may have.

The conventional way of living has brought an unbalance to our health and wellbeing, including humans, animalssoil, water etc. We have seen an increase in such as obesity, illnesses and even facing antibiotic-resistance over the past decades. With this in mind, I believe we need to be more conscious about our everyday choices and habits. If our soil, ocean and production animals are unbalanced, unhealthy and filled with chemicals and stress, how do you think that will affect you and your own health? We need to be aware of the big picture – the ecosystem – what goes around comes around. You are part of the ecosystem.

I'm not saying you have to be fanatic about all the choices you make, but to be more conscious and seek more information. So here I have my 8 simple steps to a more sustainable lifestyle, which I try to follow as often as possible. Every little helps - I promise. 

Photo by  Weston Fuller

Photo by Weston Fuller


10 simple steps to a more sustainable lifestyle

1.     Go Organic (food, cosmetics, clothes, house detergents etc).

2.     Eat more plants and less meat.

3.     Buy more locally and traceable products – like farmers marked and local small shops/brands and less shopping through the big chains.

4.     Bring your own reusable grocery bag when going shopping, no more plastic bags.

5.     Bring your own reusable coffee/tea cup no more take away cups.

6.     Bring your own reusable water bottle, no more plastic bottles.

7.     Use glass jars for food storage.

8.     Make your own lunch box.

9.     Recycle.

10.    Upcycle.