My first - EVER - blogpost !!!

Wooooah..!! Who would've guessed I would be starting a blog, and here I am... I'm overwhelmed! I can't wait to start sharing my passion with all of you, and I'm sure you will learn at least a few tips and tricks on how to develop healthier habits, and keep your motivation going. 

Over the past decade I've been reading a lot of research while I was studying and its about time for me to share my knowledge now. Not only will I do my very best to give you the newest, scientific proven knowledge, but I will also share some easy everyday recipes and personal development tools too. oh, and I love surprises, so keep an eye open... :)

I would love for my words to reach out to as many people as possible - living a healthy lifestyle isn't hard, but changes may sound a bit scary. I promise you, it will only make you feel better, give you more energy and you will appreciate the small things in life even more. Its an incredible journey, which I believe every single one of us deserve to experience. Say YES and we'll do this together, I got the right tools for you. 

I love to get feed-forward, thats the only way I can grow, so please comment my posts or send me an email if you got any specific questions or enquires. I'm already super excited and I'm looking forward to this journey to begin. I have to admit I've been a tiny bit nervous to throw myself out on this blogging-wave, but this is the perfect opportunity for me to get out of my comfort zone, again.. 

Thanks a lot for taking your time to reading this, and please check out Honey&Roots on InstagramTwitter and Facebook, and subscribe to get news and updates below  <3

Let the adventure begin... 

xx Lilo

PHOTO by  Anton Soggiu

PHOTO by Anton Soggiu