My Experience with Portable Infrared Sauna

For the past 6 weeks I’ve been testing a portable infrared sauna, I had heard a lot of positives about it and done quite a bit of research – so I was very keen on trying it. Mainly to see if I could feel any differences such as more energy and less neck- and lower back pain (influencer issues of being too much on my laptop and phone!) But first, let me tell you a bit about what infrared sauna is and the story behind it.  

Historically, heat treatments have been used to help heal the body for thousands of years. “Hot air bath” and sweating lodges were used to relieving stress, increasing relaxation and detoxification among Native Americans, Eastern Europeans and Ancient Chinese Medicine. 

About 100 years ago, advancements in sauna therapies were made when “light-near infrared lamp saunas” were first created by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg. Since this time, they have come along way, and today they are used by holistic practitioners, healers and hospitals around the world, the use has also been included in neonatal units to warm up prematurely-born babies, and athletes rely on it as a form of therapy for strength, and endurance training and for recovery. 

Infrared Saunas use heat and light to help relax, pain relief, increase your heart rate and detox the body. The heaters emit the same type of rays the sunlight does, but without the harmful UV rays to heat the body, which makes the heat penetrate much deeper into your skin and tissue, whereas traditional saunas rely on hot coals to heat up a room on average 80*C. 

While ongoing research is still being done to determine their long-term effects and potential benefits, as of now infrared sauna treatments seems to be safe, inexpensive and powerful. These small devices are proving to help many people suffering from pain feeling better, and it’s very relaxing. 

Anti-aging effects, increased detoxification, pain reduction, joint and muscle support, and cardiovascular healing are currently where infrared saunas are gaining most attention. They’re also believed to have parasympathic healing effect, which means they help the body handle stress better. 

In simple terms, infrared sauna causing heat and natural, positive radiation effects in the human body once its detected by the body’s thermoreceptors located in the skin. This is called far-infrared light wave radiation (FIR) (1)

So, over to my experience. I was of course sceptical as it seemed a bit too good to be true, and I can sometimes be a bit sensitive to heat. That’s why I don’t do traditional saunas or bikram yoga, it’s just too much for me. The prtable infrared sauna heats up quickly to 60*C, and is very easy to set up and also store away. I’ve been doing the Infrared Sauna approx. 45min 3-4 times a week, some days 30mins has been enough but most days I’ve been doing 45-60minutes. I sweat a lot and I can feel my heart rate increasing while I’m sitting inside this funny looking box in the middle of my living room. It gives the same sensation as when you’re having a workout, except you’re sitting still and the best part - you’re not out of breath nor is your muscles getting tired. It’s a passive workout for your system to be boosted.. 

I feel portable infrared sauna is such an easy and incredible addition to my selfcare routine, it makes me feel better, more energy, less pain and I sleep soooo good. I can do the sauna while doing a meditation, or while watching my favourite show or while working. My back and neck pain haven’t been anything serious, just the “everyday” stiffness from sitting still in wrong positions, that feels annoying when it’s there, so if the simplicity of doing sauna a few times a week keeps that away, I’m doing it. I assume the main reason for this is because you increase the heart rate, so your blood is pumping faster -  you are therefore stimulating your whole system. This is also why infrared sauna has shown amazing results for those suffering from ME and chronic fatigue, as they are being able to stimulate their system without making their muscles tired.

Living in a polluted city as London, it feels great to flush my skin with sweat once in a while, to rinse out all the dirt and toxins. I think I can say I’m officially addicted to infrared saunas; I’ve actually purchased a second one (early birthday present), so I won’t miss out on it while being back home in Norway. I can’t wait to introduce it to my family, I know they will love it just as much as me.

I can highly recommend Portable Infrared Sauna for various reason, and you should definitely try it out - either you go to a spa or invest in one yourself. I got mine from Radiant Health in Norway and they shipped it to London within a few days. Which was impressively easy and quick. They have also answered all my questions and been super helpful.

 If you get one, tag me and let me know about your experience – I’d love to hear about it :D 


Much love xx Lilo 

Portable Infrared Sauna in the comfort of my own home

Portable Infrared Sauna in the comfort of my own home