The Rise of Wellness Retreats


More and more people are trading the traditional beach and cocktails style of escape for wellness, yoga and green smoothies.

The trend of wellness tourism is demanding destinations that deliver physical, emotional, spiritual and environmental health – along with fun and enjoyment. We are longing for a break from our fast-paced life’ to get away from habits such as unhealthy food, overstimulation from technology, work pressure and stress. 

We are seeking distractions of “to-do lists, families, and responsibilities”, and that’s when joining a wellness retreat is the thing. 

You can spend a week where everything has been put in place for you to just enjoy and relax, with a set menu of healthy eating, custom workouts, yoga or meditation, daily massage, explore new destinations and learn more about yourself.

The rise of wellness retreats has the opportunity to provide something that can help us develop better health at a time of overload and high stress, and lifestyle related health issues such as obesity, high blood pressure and so on. 

Either you’re already living a healthy lifestyle and want to obtain this during your time off, or need a kick start to implement healthy habits and knowledge to your lifestyle – you just have to find the right retreat for your needs. 

Are people waking up to the fact that we need to take responsibility for our own wellness and kick-start a healthier way of living through a wellness retreat?

Encourage total relaxation

The fact that once you arrive, everything has been organised for you. You can consciously dedicate this time to simply let go and relax fully – leave all your worries and stress at home. 

Health retreats have been specifically designed with your relaxation in mind, from the atmosphere of the accommodation, food and the activities. 

Take Scandoir for example. This restoring yoga & wellbeing retreat Arctic Circle of Relaxation, Norway, offers mindfulness with Scandinavian lifestyle and culture, framed by expert teaching and a sensibility for purity and vitality in an amazing landscape.



Reconnect with Mother Nature

The beauty of nature is deeply healing and inspiring and something that all humans need to reconnect with from time to time. 

Most retreats are set in supreme natural settings – from forests, to mountains, tropical beaches or exotic jungle. You are looking immerse yourself in nature and explore wonderful beaches, you’ll love practising yoga in the rolling Spanish hills of Andalucía with Adam Husler.



Prioritise self-care 

Weather you go on a meditation retreat, yoga retreat, surfing retreat or generally nourishing health retreat, this act of taking yourself on a retreat is a profound act of prioritising self-care to help keep you in top condition. 

The quick fix “give me a magic pill” approach to health and wellbeing is on its way out, we know for a fact that prevention is key and that it is our own responsibility to look after our own wellbeing through the lifestyle choices we make.

If relaxation is what you are looking after, you can rejuvenate in one of England’s most luxurious country houses in England at Bodhimaya – Rejuvenation and Detoxing Retreat.



Stimulate new perspective

Being away from stress and distractions from everyday life, you have a real chance to make time for self-analysis and reflection – specially on yoga and meditation retreats. You will also be introduced to information to increase your knowledge about healthier lifestyle choices, as well as awareness about the world around you, like the exotic escape to the Tropical Atlantic Rainforest, Brasil, with Honey&Roots – Sustainable Health Retreat.

With increased knowledge of healthy habits, it makes it easier for you to obtain and implement the new habits to your everyday life for optimal wellbeing every single day.



This article was originally published on HBC Magazine and written by Lilo Ask-Henriksen.