Get Inspired: Lucy De Barr

Get inspired by Lucy De Barr, an experienced and qualified therapist with training in Advanced Massage Therapy, Chi Kung, Reiki/Energy work and Kinesiology. Lucy specialise in helping people who struggle with chronic pain and stress, whether that be physical, mental or emotional. Read on to see what gives Lucy a great sense of purpose and fulfillment. 

1.      Who is Lucy De Barr?

I am a Therapeutic Bodyworker who helps people overcome pain, tension and stress, in whatever way that shows up…physically, mentally or emotionally. I’m interested in alleviating or eliminating symptoms that prevent people from feeling well. I love what I do and feel honoured to support people in this way. It is my calling in life. I value care and compassion and am passionate about the well-being of people. 

I am based in London and I offer Advanced Massage Therapy (including Pregnancy Massage) and Energy Balancing sessions, in the form of Reiki/Energy healing or Kinesiology. I use a variety of techniques I’ve learnt from different healing modalities and traditions from around the world. No two sessions are the same as they are unique to each person. I also like to give my clients’ useful tools and techniques to take away so that they can help themselves progress faster.

2.      What would you say was the starting point to where you are in your career today? And what path did you take to become the therapist you are today?

The starting point was a very challenging experience 15 years ago that completely changed my perspective and my life. I had developed a debilitating chronic illness called IBS and had been told by a GP that it was an incurable condition. I was in a pretty bad way so it was very distressing to hear that nothing could be done to recover from this illness. By that time I was in pain on a daily basis, had brain fog and couldn’t think straight and felt very down. Luckily, a while later I stumbled across someone who could help…and did. Within a year, I was cured. It was a process…and involved nutritional, dietary and lifestyle changes but nonetheless, all the pain and other symptoms had gone.  It was an alternative health practice called Kinesiology that really helped me get better. I went from being very skeptical about alternative medicine to being a complete advocate. More that that…this experience left me feeling empowered and totally inspired, in awe of the body’s innate intelligence and ability to heal itself. It laid the foundation for where I am today, making me open to exploring alternative therapy and the healing arts; and more passionate about helping people to discover the cause of their pain and facilitate their healing.  

My path began with massage nearly 10 years ago, as it’s hands on and I knew I would physically get to know the body and learn anatomy and physiology.  After my Holistic Massage diploma in London, I went on to do a Thai Yoga Massage course in Thailand, followed by postgraduate course in Brighton called Advanced Clinical Massage.  This, coupled with a few meditation courses I had been on, introduced me to the mind–body–spirit connection and how they affect and influence each other. Alongside this, I also gained experience and completed courses in energy work.  Over the years, I’ve done some energy healing courses in London including Reiki, Chi Kung courses in India & Thailand, Shamanic & Sound Healing workshops in the UK & Ibiza and completed a Kinesiology diploma in Surrey. The energy work introduced me to the experience of healing and transformation.

3.      What drives you in your work?

Seeing the progression in my clients - feeling better, feeling like a weight’s been lifted, looking brighter. I love to see people learning about their bodies and feeling empowered in their health & wellbeing.

4.      How do you work, and what kinds of techniques do you use?

I work specifically & holistically, taking in to account all aspects of life that may be impacting an individual’s health. We work as a team – I am not working on you, I’m working with you. Self-responsibility is an important aspect of healing.

The techniques are so varied and unique to each person but to give you an example of techniques within Advanced Massage Therapy, I use trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, myofascial release and sports massage techniques such as soft tissue release and stretching. Initially, I help to release the pain/tension and if the cause is due to a postural imbalance, I will help you correct that over time. 

5.      What is your biggest work related struggle?

 I would say self-care has been a struggle, although I’m definitely improving. I used to be so focused on helping others that I would forget about myself. Of course your body will let you know eventually! Now I make time to look after myself and schedule it into my day…I see it as part of my work.

6.      In your work, what are you most proud of?

The very fact that I get to do this in the first place! I never thought I’d be grateful of the health challenges I faced, as at the time they weren’t easy but looking back, I now see that they have guided me to do this work, which gives me a great sense of purpose and fulfilment. 

7.      What are your top tips to look after your own health?

There are many but let’s go with some basics for now…

Keep hydrated.

Your body is an electrical circuit and needs water to optimize your energy levels. As well as drinking water (preferably ‘clean’ filtered water), celery juice and cucumber juice made fresh, are also super hydrating and nutritious. If you need a hydration boost, especially if you chronically dehydrated, I would recommend drinking linseed tea as it’s super hydrating and extremely good for you.

 Eat clean.

Nutrition is so important for your health and it is a vast subject but generally speaking I would advise to consume natural & real foods. Limit the amount of toxins in the body by eating organically and by avoiding processed foods, which often contain chemical additives and can also be high in sugars and fats that really aren’t good for you (e.g. trans fats).

Ground yourself.

It is becoming increasingly important to ground ourselves and connect with nature. The Earth gives off negatively charged electrons, which helps to balance out the positive charge in our bodies from free radicals and electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) in our environment. I have written an article on grounding that explains more and also includes some useful techniques, you can read it here.

I personally find Chi Kung particularly grounding, especially when practiced out in nature. 

8. Where can we find you?

You can find me at Triyoga Chelsea and from private therapy rooms in Southwark, Shoreditch, Dalston and Camden. 

You’ll find more information about Lucy and her treatments on her website or instagram.