Benefits of Hydration

When you’re feeling tired and sluggish in the workplace, a lot of employees decide that grabbing a can or two of an energy drink is the best way to get that quick fix kick you need to keep yourself active and productive for the rest of the day.

It’s a natural thought process, stress + pressure – sleep = lack of motivation and energy. Here is why you should choose water as your power boost over energy drinks:

A lack of water leads to a lack of awareness, problems with concentration and poor short-term memory. Water is a wonderful performance enhancer. Our brains are 85% water and depend upon a constant flow of water in order to work properly. A lack of water leads to a lack of awareness, problems with concentration and poor short-term memory. When the body and brain are refreshed and hydrated, they’re able to function clearly and perform to their full ability. 

Facts about water:

  • Believe it or not, despite its lack of caffeine, water increases your energy levels. Your brain is mostly water, so if you keep topping it up, you’ll soon notice that you have a lot more energy and focus.
  • Not only does water flush away toxins, but it boosts your immune system. Reduced time off, reduced absences, reduced problems!
  • Drinking water will ultimately make you happier. Caffeine can affect your mood for the worse. By improving your health and focus, water can make you happier and make employees more motivated.

Water hydrates because it is pure and has no added chemical or preservatives to it. While it might not be the most tasteful of the drink world, it will be your best bet. However, you don't have to drink plain water to hydrate. By adding e.g cucumber or freshly squeezed orange juice you’re not only adding natural flavour but also adding minerals and vitamins to the water. Since these vitamins are coming from whole food sources and not synthetic vitamins they’ll be better absorbed and utilized by the body than if you were to get them from waters marketed as containing added vitamins.

All fluids count, as do foods that have high water content. For example:

  • Lettuce is 96% water.
  • Tomato is 95% water.
  • Broccoli is 89% water.

Energy drinks could give you a boost if you’re feeling lethargic and caffeinated energy drinks claims that they increase your alertness and focus. However, this energy drink may also have some risks and side effects that you should be aware of before you drink it.

Did you know…

Individuals who consume caffeine, like that in Red Bull, may have an increased risk of dehydration. Excess caffeine intake has been shown to result in headaches and nausea, all symptoms of dehydration. even clearly warns its consumers that their product "has not been formulated to deliver re-hydration".

So before you think about heading off for a fizzy, caffeinated quick fix to keep you alert over the second half of your day, consider a change of plan. Take a shorter journey to your local water cooler (kitchen taps work just as well), and grab yourself some good old fashioned water to keep you revitalised instead. 


Bring a big bottle of water with you at work and add juice from a freshly squeezed orange. This makes the taste a bit fresher and it’s easier to keep a measurement of how much water you’ve been consuming.