A Frequent Asked Question About my Diet and Lifestyle

A frequent question I'm being asked is "are you vegan or vegetarian?". I understand why people is asking, as I feel the media and society is looking for branding everything, even what you choose to eat or not. I kind of find it a bit crazy, but at the same time it can be helpful to inform. Even though I think the knowledge of natural sourced and sustainable food should be basic knowledge, learned at school. But that’s just me..

Am I vegan or vegetarian? 

First of all, I'm neither. I don't like restrictions to my diet, lifestyle and health. However, I barely consume meat, dairy and any other animal products, refined sugar nor refined grains, but if I do crave or feel like any of it, I will have it - which is roughly a few times a year. Refined sugar and grains isn’t always easy to source when eating out, so I always ask the waiter (who most likely don’t even understand my question), if he doesn’t know I assume it contains it. Then I decide, if that’s ok for me that day or not, depending on how I fell and also checking what other options I got. Whatever decision I go for, I embrace and enjoy to the fullest. I'm very conscious about my own health and what my body needs and that's my main motivation and priority for the lifestyle I've chosen. I shouldn’t even need to say, but I choose organic whenever I can. I wish I lived in a world where we didn’t need to certify organic products, but the unconventional ones - the unnatural ones packed with chemicals, GMO, toxins, hormones, heavy metal and less nutrients.


Sustainability, environment, animal wellfare and health

Secondly, the environment and animal welfare which goes hand in hand with my own health, and is a very important factor that we all should pay more attention to as well. We need to know more about the food industry and how to take care of the ecosystem. When we choose organic, local and naturally source product we are living more sustainable, which means we are looking after our planet and our own health. We are part of the ecosystem, and with the amount of synthetic chemicals, hormones, toxins, heavy metal, plastic and so on, we a breaking down the environement. This is a very complex topic, so I wont go into details now.

If you do eat animal products, please make sure its organic, local, grass fed and happy animals, just to mention some important factors. This is for both the animals best, the farmer, the soil and your own. Do some research in the area you live, I'm sure there is a farm that you can buy directly from, this way you can source your food, knowing they are looked after, and you are also supporting local farmers. We need the local, organic farmers!! Check out Soil Association to learn more.

What influence our health and wellbeing?

Everyone is different, and what works for me doesn't mean is the only correct way to live. We all have the same fundament as humans (cells, organs etc), but each and every one of us has a tailor made system only for you, which has been formed by your genes, environment, history of disease, lifestyle, sleep, stress etc... there are lots of factors that influence your overall wellbeing, which is extremely important to take into account before any change of lifestyle, for long lasting and healthy results.  

When I work with my clients, one of the things they often find challenging is to listen and trust their own body, but with the right tools and support they start learning about the signs the body are giving all day long and it makes the process of changing habits much more natural and easy to overcome. We all know changing habits can be hard, if it's not done correct and without motivation. 

Before doing any changes to your diet or lifestyle its important to make sure that you have done a genereal health check and blood analysis and talked with a health specalist or your Doctor. I always advice my clients to do a full check up, this way I can help my clients on a much deeper level and tailor made the programme for my clients needs.

For me it doesn't matter if you say you are a meat lover, vegan or vegetarian, sugar addict, as long as you have done your research and feel energized, sleep well and have a good immune system, which works for you.. Having this said, If you haven’t tested any changes to your diet, lifestyle or habits, you can’t tell if you have the optimal lifestyle. Remember that your choices have long lasting effect, so you might feel ok about having unhealthy habits now, but with time and age you might regret this. Old habits can make you blind on what optimal health and wellbeing is for you, but being comfartable unaware might be just ok for some as well... I find it a bit arrogant, as it is your own life you're are dealing with- but you have to want to do the work if you want to see a change.

I love living a life with lots of fresh fruit, veggies, happiness and energy - thats for sure!