Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week - last chance today !!

If you haven't been at Soil Associations pop-up shop in Shoreditch (New Inn Yard) yet, you should really consider dropping by today. It’s the very last day to take part of the awareness making of the certified organic beauty brands. For the past week Soil Associations has been celebrating Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week, being the UKs leading organic certifier they launched their "Look for the logo" campaign. During this past week there has been lots of fun going on, like free talks, panel discussions and organic beauty workshops. At the pop-up shop you’ll also be able to meet and learn more about some of the certified organic brands. The campaign aims to increase the awareness of organic health, beauty and wellbeing products and their benefits. 

Viridian NutritionNeals Yard RemediesVOYATherapi Honey SkincareBamfordHerbfarmacyNourish skincareNaissanceLa-EvaOdyliqueThe YES companyNatracare & more.

What I wasn’t aware off, is that unlike food, there is no regulations around the terms "natural" and "organic" beauty brands can use, so a brand with less than 1% organic ingredients can call themselves organic and get away with it!! How crazy isn’t that?? This means that we unfortunately are at risk of being misled by labels, as some brands make organic claims yet contain ingredients that are not allowed in certified products. Call on brands which make organic or natural claims to #ComeCleanAboutBeauty and hen use the terms organic and natural responsibly or not at all.


If you haven’t been able to drop by them this week or today, have a look at their website. They offer really good promotion on the most amazing natural and organic products!! Im not being sponsored by this blogpost, it’s just that organic products being very close to my heart and I love spreading good deals with you all <3 

Soil Association

Soil Association