Banana and Blueberry Muffins

I added a photo of my banana and blueberry muffins last week on my Instagram account Honeyandroots, and my email has been flowing over with emails by my amazing followers who has been asking for the recipe, so here it is <3

It means the world to me that so many of you contact me with different kinds of questions and feedback, I love every single email, comment and like I receive so please keep them coming!! You guys inspire me so much, thank you! 

This is a super easy breakfast muffins recipe, it's made in no time and can either be served for breakfast or you can bring it with you as a healthy snack on the go.

The recipe is gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free. All ingredients are healthy and nutritious building blocks for your body and will keep you going for hours! I do advise you to use organic products, as research shows that they are up to 60% higher in a number of key antioxidants (essential nutrients for an optimal health) than conventionally-grown ones. It was also found decreased numbers of pesticides, heavy metals and other toxins our body doesn't like. Go organic! <3 



Preheat oven on 200*C

1 dl almond flour

1,5 dl oat flour

2 tbs coconut flour 

3 tbs chia seeds

1/2 tbs baking soda

5 dates, chopped 

1 dl frozen or fresh wild blueberries

2 bananas, smashed

3 whisked eggs

A pinch of himalaya salt

Coconut oil (only if needed for the tin)



1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp cardamom 

Pinch Himalaya salt

Raw honey



Mix all the flours, baking soda, salt and chia seeds in a big bowl. Make a well in the centre and add the whisked eggs, mashed bananas, blueberries and chopped figs and mix it well, but carefully. Add the dough to a muffin tin, and sprinkle cinnamon, cardamom, himalaya salt and some raw honey on top of all the muffins and its ready for the oven. 

200*C for approx 20min.

Check the muffins after 20min by taking a fork, a cocktail stick, a skewer or a toothpick. Use one of these items to poke the top of the muffin slightly in the middle, to check if its remains any sticky dough when pulling it out. If it is still sticky, leave the muffins in the oven for a few more minutes and test again. 



The muffins are deliciously served by them self, or you can add homemade fruit/berry jams, coconut yoghurt and fresh fruit and berries! Bon appetite <3