My Journey

I’ve had an amazing journey over the past few years, meeting incredible people, gaining so much knowledge and I’m grateful every single day - for all the opportunities that have come my way.

I got a diverse background, and I’ve heard over and over again – when are you going to figure out your life? When are you going to stop studying and starting your life? – what most of these people don’t understand is that my goal has been the same the whole time, but I’ve let the pieces come together over the time. I’ve learned to trust the existence, my passion and believe me - it hasn’t been as easy as it sounds but it has turned out amazing and I have grown a lot as a person. 

It hasn’t always been easy, but that’s part of the beauty of the journey. It makes you – you. 2009 was a year I understood I needed dramatic changes, I wasn’t happy about where I was. I needed a time out, to find me again. I took a big, hard decision on leaving University in my third year of Marketing and Human Resource Management and my Marketing job in the City, everyone though I was mad and they were disappointed about my “poor” decision. I was determined I needed it, and looking back now I couldn’t be happier with my choice. During spring 2010 I was fortunate to be welcomed back to Miami by my dear friend and Colombian “mom”, I was grateful. I packed my bag and jumped on the first plane with my dog, Samba. This turned out to be the start of something incredible. I got a deeper understanding of the power of the mind, how food influenced our body on a cellular level and how important it is to empower yourself and improve your own health and happiness. I was eager to understand more about our body on a deeper level.

During my stay in Miami, I was fortunate to be in touch with Dr. Richard Pitcairn (DVM, Ph.D.) who taught me a lot of the fundaments of a natural approach to improving the immune system and the overall wellbeing. How – is a question many ask – he is a veterinarian? Well, yes he is a vet, he also has a major in microbiology, immunology and a minor in biochemistry, followed by a Ph.D. degree in microbiology. He worked actively in research and teaching, where his research on factors affecting natural resistance to disease, the importance of optimal nutrition became a focus in his work. He published his first edition of Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health For Dogs and Cats already in 1982. As mentioned earlier, I had my dog Samba with me to Miami. He was only a year and had been struggling with a poor immune system since I got him at the age of 9 weeks. After following recommendations from Dr. Pitcairn his health became stronger, and (knock on woods) his skin, ears, and nail roots have not been inflamed like that since - thats 6years ago now. This was an eye opener for me, I was so excited and I knew I had to learn more about this, and I quickly understood that animals and humans have lots in common.

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I moved to sunny Spain, surrounded by the beach and vibrant Spanish people - I accomplished a 1 year degree in Biomedicine. I moved back home to Norway end of 2011 and started working at a Laser Clinic – where I was working mainly with medical lasers. My supervisor and mentor had over 17 years of experience working with the medical laser, both on humans and animals, I was in the best hands. At the same time, I did a course to be certified as a Laser Therapist, at Irradia, taught by Lars Hode - a physicist and specialized in medical laser applications since 1983. This gave me an even deeper understanding of how our cells are working, the impact of biochemistry and physics. 

I loved every bit, and the results I saw while working was incredible. But I felt like I wanted to learn more and I wasn’t close to my goal yet, so I applied at Hansenberg to start a 3 year study to become an Authorised Veterinary Nurse in 2012. This study was based on practical work, so I was working fulltime at Drammen Dyreklinikk (animal clinic) and had periods (5 x 10weeks) with theory in Denmark. This gave me a real boost on my learning curve, working in a clinic, you never knew what was coming next and you had to be prepared for anything. I was very fortunate to work in a big clinic, with an extremely high level of educated and knowledgeable people - some with over 30 years’ experience and others with less experience but incredible knowledge and extreme motivation. My days included everything from assisting the Veterinarians on all kinds of work from x-rays, blood analysis, laboratory work, cleaning wounds, preparing medicines, preparing and assisting surgery, laser therapy, looking after patients, talking with owners, nutrition and so on. Not to forget - cleaning up after the patients, that was rarely a pleasant experience. It was 3 hectic years, it was stressful, emotional and loving at the same time – another part of my journey I’m grateful for and it taught me so much and I grew a lot as a person during these years. During this time, I also started working part-time with nutrition, to inspire people to change habits towards a healthier lifestyle – Honey&Roots was founded in 2014.

My journey didn’t finish there. The last year of my Bachelor was never forgotten, and I missed London big time – I took it as a sign and once again I packed my bags and I moved back to finish what I first started. Before I moved, I had seen a postgrad course in Chinese nutrition that I really wanted to apply for, but I wasn’t sure if I would manged two degrees at the same time. It didn’t take long before I thought to myself that I can accomplish everything I want, and I applied and I successfully accomplished both; Spring 2016 - BSc in International Business Management and a Post graduation in Chinese Nutritional Therapy at the same time.

So there I was, accomplished everything I’ve started (so far) and ready to put it all together and start the journey of sharing my knowledge to everyone out there, who wants to learn and change their lifestyle to the better. It was time to give all my attention to Honey&Roots and build my future, and here I am – loving my job, helping others and still improving my knowledge. I can’t seem to manage to fully stop to learn, amazon is my best friend and keeps sending me these super interesting books on nutrition, biochemistry, neuroscience and so on…I just can’t help it.. oh, not to mention PubMed… dangerous page to visit... and all the available workshops and events London has to offer, this is my paradise.

Over the past, almost, 3 years, I’ve been working on nutrition and lifestyle programmes designed to develop positive habits to support a healthier, happier you. I’ve been working part-time with one-on-one consultant sessions with clients (mainly over Skype), arranged workshops and events. This is the beginning of a new chapter, where I got my full attention to focus on my passion - on a full-time basis. I can’t wait for this new journey to fully begin. My typical client has been searching for support to manage daily stress, personal development, reduce inflammation in their body , increase their immune system, loose weight, gain weight, fight fatigue etc... and so far, we have reached all goals successfully together.

Please feel free to contact me if you got any questions regarding my programmes, online consultant sessions, if you like to work with me or if you just want to say Hi.

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Enjoy the first day of October <3