Berry smoothie

Smoothies are super simple, delicious and an easy way to eat healthy nutrients. Personally I start most mornings with a smoothie, but then I use mostly vegetables. This one is more of a sweet treat with berries and is super delicious. Can be served for breakfast, lunch or dessert. I often make this one if I'm craving something sweet in the evenings too, and it works perfectly every-time without any sugar rush or feeling guilty. We want to avoid the feeling of guilt, it only mess up our system and add more stress to our life - which we definitely do not need. 

Tips... you can even freeze this one, and you get nutritions, tasty berry ice-cream <3 

I always recommend to use as much organic, and locally grown products as possible.



1/2 Banana

Handfull of Raspberries (frozen or fresh)

Handfull of Strawberries (frozen or fresh)

1 scoop Complete Vanilla Proteins 



Add everything in a blender and add some water (here you can also add coconut water for extra flavour and to add some more beneficial nutrients), blend and its ready to be served <3 

Serving tips:

Pour the smoothie into a bowl, add granola on top, and eat with a spoon!