Tropical Green Smoothie

Ok, before you start making this smoothie, I have to admit I'm not the best with recipes or measurements - I guess I like my own twist to it or maybe I'm not the best planner... Depends on how you look at it - I guess. Anyhow, I work with what I got and measure it approximately, and surprisingly it always works out well.. at least most of the time. So please bear this in mind when you make any of my recipes - mix and match and use what you have - have fun with it and explore new ingredients. Food should be something you enjoy, and appreciate <3

Exotic Green Smoothie

2 x handfuls of frozen kale
1/2 ripe mango
A piece of ginger (depending on how spicy you like it)
2 x tablespoons chia seeds
1 x cup coconut water (add more or less - depending on consistency preference)
1 scoop or 30g plant-based protein powder (I use Complete Vanilla)



Add all ingredients into a blender, mix and consume! 


Well, I'm a smoothie fan! I love starting my day off with a powerful smoothie filled with lots of dense nutrients, both micro- and macronutrients. Just to kick off my day with lots of energy, and the right fuel for my beloved cells. This smoothie could also be a perfect snack, before- or after training, or as an evening snack. You cannot really go wrong with this one, it taste lovely and it's a guilt free treat <3