5 Pillars of Health #1 Nutrition

How nutrition can affect your health

When you have a car, you look after its engine and make sure it gets the right fuel and oil. We all know that if you give a diesel fuelled car, gasoline, it will cause you big problems, it breaks down the engine and it’s something we all try to avoid happening by fuelling right.

Our body works in the same way, food is our fuel, better known as nutrients (including). Nutrients are different components used as building blocks that are essential for growth, reproduction, metabolism, for all physiological functions (e.g. coenzymes, hormones, hemoglobin) and of course to obtain a good health. Each and every cell in our body has its own job description and produce its own energy from the food we eat. We want our cells to work optimal and fight such as infections, bacteria’s and viruses, so we can live the life we want, and not waste it on not feeling energised and being ill all the time.

There has been published a lot of studies over the past decade, showing how increased consumption of fruits and vegetables can improve your health by strengthening your immune system, so your cells can handle stress (oxidative stress and free radicals) and to improve your energy. Interestingly enough, a recent research published by the American Journal of Public Health discovered that eating 8 portions of fruit and vegetables a day could be the secret to happiness.

I don’t see any arguments for why you shouldn’t increase the consumptions of fruits and veggies on a daily basis. Right?

Why not focus on testing out new vegetables to your meals for the next week? Which ones would you like to try? 

xx Lilo