Introducing the 5 Pillars of Health


The 5 Pillars of Health 

Winter is getting closer, and with this, we also know the flu season is coming. Have you ever passed a winter without getting the cold or flu at least once? What else can be done other than improving your hygiene routine, with such as washing your hands, cough into your elbows etc., to prevent getting ill during this year flu season?

Luckily, we know there is much more than good hygiene that will strengthen your immune system* and decrease the chances of catching the flu. This area has undergone a lot of research over the past decades and I find it super interesting. Ok - this is the geeky part of me speaking, but I’ll try my very best to communicate this as simple as possible for you to understand how your body works in simple terms. 

If you already have had a quick look at my website, you probably recognised me mentioning the 5 pillars, and this might have raised some question signs. How is how you eat, linked with your sleep? And why is stress an issue? Well, without going into details just now, all of the 5 pillars are linked on a cellular level. Its sounds complex, and it is complex, but if you subscribe below you will receive email updates on my blog post so that you can get a deeper understanding of how the 5 pillars work on a cellular level and how to obtain a healthier lifestyle.

I frequently get asked, "What can I do to strengthen my immune system this year?" - so I figured the flu season would be a very good example to explain and link the importance of all the 5 pillars to obtain a healthier you. Therefore, I have written a series of short articles explaining the 5 pillars in more detail and how each and one of them can help improve your overall health. This way you will be able to get a broader understanding of the importance of the overall balance of all 5 of the pillars, to obtain a healthier lifestyle. I will release one article a week, so stay tuned and subscribe below to keep updated. 

I love hearing from you guys, and please do not hesitate with asking me questions. I love sharing my knowledge and dig further into the books to respond to your questions... :)

Wish you all a lovely Thursday evening!

xx Lilo

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