I'm Lilo Ask-Henriksen - founder of Honey&Roots and work as a Health Consultant and Eco Blogger. 

For me it’s important to share the knowledge of the interconnection between food and agriculture, health and nutrition, environmental sustainability, and socio-economic factors, this way I believe we can identify solutions that enhances the human, animal and planetary health. 

The way I grew up (in Norway) made me appreciate the simple, natural things in life, and this is also reflecting on my philosophy of life today. Make it simple - be happy, be active, eat organic and local, eat more fruit, vegetables and berries, get your sleep, be positive and surround yourself with positive people - that you can grow together with, and never forget to laugh a lot and hug  a cow.

I believe that through knowledge and education, you’ll be able to make conscious choices, that will change your lifestyle to become more sustainable and as an effect of this you might become healthier, happier and more energised, along with respecting the biodiversity and ecosystem.

A Long-term focus for this platform is to establish a deeper understanding and awareness which can improve outcomes from field to fork.

I started this journey after mononucleosis knocked me off my feet when I was in my late teens, and after years of trying to recover from feeling fatigued, I had to take a step back and rethink my may of living. Analysing how I grew up made me able to identify what pillars to focus on in my life, to get back on track and find the balance of all the pillars. I've been very fortunate, growing up in a family dominated by health care practitioners - doctors, physiotherapists, acupuncturist, chiropractor, yoga instructor... you name it, we have them all, which has made me very open minded, but at the same time very critical - I need scientific evidence. Through my education the 5 pillars of health became even more clear to me and I started investigating this area even deeper. This has led to a proven system that help people initiate an overall wellbeing through simple steps to a sustainable lifestyle. Providing the growing global population a healthy and nutritious diet within safe environmental limits is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity today. It can only be addressed through an integration of knowledge and action in the interconnected areas of food, agriculture, health and sustainability. 

Why I Choose Organic

Simple, its food as it should be – its natural and it doesn’t interfere with nature. It means I consume fewer pesticides and chemicals, no GM and routine use of antibiotics, and I support animal welfare. For me it makes more sense. Choosing organic is a big step for the food system to protect and respect the biodiversity and ecosystem along with optimising natural and human resources. 

My Education

Bachelor of Science in International Business Management (BSc IBM)

Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN)

Foundation Degree in Basic Science in Medicine

Postgraduate Diploma in Chinese Nutritional Therapy (PG Dip CNT)

Certified Medical Laser Therapist

With an extensive educational and practical experience within the field of food and agriculture, health and nutrition, environmental sustainability, and socio-economic factors, I aim to leave a small footprint with a big impact. 

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I’m looking forward to hearing from you. 

x Lilo