Hi and welcome to Honey&Roots

My name is Lilo, I'm a Norwegian food lover living in London, with a massive passion for a healthy lifestyle filled with joy and happiness. Which is exactly what this blog is all about: a humble attempt to share my continuously developing knowledge and journey on how to add more happiness in my life through food, thoughts and exercise.

 What gives you joy, happiness and a sense of well being?

For me, its the balance of a consciouse positive mind, exercise and nutritious food. 


As a never ending student, Ive ended up with a very divers background - with a BSc in International Business Management from London Metropolitan University, I'm an authorised Veterinary Nurse from Hansenberg, Denmark and Certified Postgraduate course in Chinese Nutritional Therapy from CNM in London. I authorised as an Laser Therapist at Irradia in Stockholm and accomplished a one year degree in Biomedicine at Atlantis in Spain. 

x Lilo